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At Youth Guidance, we believe that supporting youth means supporting life beyond the traditional classroom.  Our philosophy of whole child engagement entails working with schools, parents and families, and being there for youth at the end of the traditional school day.  Our Community & Afterschool Programs (CAP) help participants by:

  • Building social and emotional resiliency
  • Influencing positive gains in academic engagement and achievement
  • Positively impacting student/teacher/parent perception of school culture and climate
  • Providing increased opportunities for parent and family engagement

CAP integrates the Comer philosophy of systemic change into year-round, school-based opportunities for student engagement, achievement and enrichment. Program offerings are available to pre-K through secondary school students in more than 20 Chicago schools, serving 3,000+ students, families and caregivers each year.  Our programs are strategically designed to create safe, integrated, school-centered supports that promote academic and social-emotional development.  Youth are taught to utilize their own internal and external strengths to overcome social-emotional barriers to school and life success.

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